Air preparation refers to the treatment of compressed air to remove water, oil and particles from the air stream that could damage downstream components.

General purpose filters are used in compressed air systems to remove liquids and solid particles from the compressed air. It is especially suited for installations that require large flow capacity. Standard filter features with 50 micron sintered bronze element and manual drain.

For heavy duty application with minimum pressure drop requirements, installs at blast machine inlet, supplied with 40 micron polypropylene or brass element with manual drain. Female threaded ports from ½”, 1″, 1¼” & 1½”.

High efficiency coalescing oil removal filter removes water and oil aerosal to 0.01 mg/m3 (0.01ppm) and particles down to 0.01 microns.

Filter Packages

Custom filter packages include coalescing type oil removal filters, oil vapor removal filters, separator/filters, airline filters and any combination of these filters.

A spring adjusted valve to be set at the minimum allowed pressure of the air receives. As soon as the pressure rises over the set safety pressure, the safety valve will be activated releasing compressed air until the set maximum pressure is reach again.