Steel Shot abrasive are spherical in shape, which are produced by the automation of motion steel, followed by a series of thermal and mechanical treatments in order to attain martensite microstructure. Steel shots are widely used as a media for descaling steel components prior to coating. In this application the media is used almost exclusively in centrifugal wheel airless blasting equipment. It is also used in the foundlry casting industry to remove sand from castings after removal from the mould and also for shot peening operations on metal components which are exposed to serve stress in automobile and construction machinery industries.

Steel shot abrasive is a form of abrasive blasting media used in sandblasting and other surface preparation processes. It is composed of small steel spheres that can be propelled at high speeds to remove contaminants, rust, and coating from various surfaces. Steel shot provides an efficient way to clean and finish metal components while protecting the base material from damage or distortion. This method of cleaning has been proven to provide superior results over traditional methods such as wire brushing or chemical stripping. Steel shot is also cost-effective compared to other types of abrasives, making it an ideal choice for many industrial applications. Additionally, the use of steel shot does not produce any dust or slag like conventional sandblasting with silica-based media does, which makes it a safer alternative. Steel shot is available in various sizes and grades, making it suitable for most abrasive blasting applications. Steel shot can be used with both wet and dry blast cabinets to achieve the desired surface finish or removing unwanted coatings, rust, or other contaminants. Steel shot is a durable and reliable abrasive that will provide long lasting results for years to come. With its ability to provide quick, effective cleaning on even the toughest surfaces, steel shot makes an ideal choice for any industrial job.

HardnessGrade (S: 40-51 HRC, M: 47-56 HRC, L: 54-61 HRC, H: 60+ HRC)
 Application Peening, Blasting, Polishing, Surface Improvement, Cleaning & Deburring
 Packaging Bags, Drums, Supersacks
 Chemistry C: 0.01 – 0.15%
Si: 0.10 – 0.25%
M:   1.2 – 1.5%
S:  >0.035%
P:  >0.035%
 Microstructure The microstructure of the abrasive consists of martensite, tempered to a degree consistent with the hardness range.
 Sieve Analysis According to standard