Coal Slag / SA Grit will blast off the toughest coatings and can prepare surfaces right for the first time. Achieves the consistent, high quality performance that industries demand in a slag abrasive. 

Features: Tough, clean and economical, Angular shape to cut through coatings, allow fast and easy cleanup, less than 1% free silica, does not react with coatings, does not attract moisture.

Coal slag, also known as SA Grit, is an abrasive blasting medium made from coal combustion by-products. It is created when temperatures reach upwards of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit during the combustion process and has been used for decades as a reliable and economical abrasive material in sandblasting applications. The grits are angular in shape which makes them highly effective at removing rust, scale, paint and other debris from surfaces quickly and efficiently. Coal slag offers a number of benefits compared to more traditional sandblasting materials such as silica sand including reduced risk of respiratory issues due to its lack of free crystalline silica dust. It is also heavier than most other media so it falls directly onto the surface being cleaned resulting in less dust in the air. Additionally, coal slag is less expensive than other abrasives and offers a long life cycle with no loss of effectiveness or increased cost over time.

Due to its durability and minimal environmental impact, coal slag / SA grit is an ideal blasting media for many industrial applications such as surface preparation in shipyards and paint removal on bridges, buildings and other structures. It is also well-suited for removing hard deposits from water tanks, machinery parts and numerous other surfaces. The angular shape of the particles allow them to easily penetrate into tight spaces making it perfect for cleaning pipes or intricate equipment components.

Coal slag
Mesh Grit#12/30 Mesh – #40/80 Mesh
Grain ShapeAngular
Mohs Hardness7


Product No.Size RangeCleanliness StandardSurface ProfileApplications
SAGRIT 350550.2 – 0.5Sa 3/SP545Blast cleaning on new steel, and on delicate
subsrates when a smooth finish is required
SAGRIT 350800.2 – 1.4Sa 3/SP560General blast cleaning on structural steel work,
pipes, tanks for achieving a moderate profile
SAGRIT 651000.5 – 1.5Sa 3/SP580General blast cleaning on structural steel work,
pipes, tanks for achieving a moderate profile
SAGRIT 751250.8 – 2.0Sa 3/SP5100For the tough blasting job and also when a coarse profile
required for shipyards, marine structures, tanks & pipes
Turbo0.1 – 0.5Sa 3/SP525Specifically used for cleaning carbon deposits
on the turbine.