Safety cables should be used on all blast hose and air hose connection to reduce the danger caused by hose coupling failure. Safety cables are available from Blastine in  two sizes. 

Assigned protection factor1000
Top rated feature Lightweight and economical 
Ideal forAbrasive Blasting
Head ProtectionBump Cap
Hearing ProtectionNo
Assigned Protection Factor1000
Top Rated FeatureComfortable and Durable
Ideal forAbrasive Blasting
Head ProtectionIntegrated Hard Hat
Hearing ProtectionNo
Assigned Protection Factor 1000
Top rated feature Wide field of vision and premium comfort
Ideal for Abrasive Blasting
Head protectionIntegrated Hard Hat
Hearing protectionYes
Blasting Machine
Model Capacity50 Ltrs
DescriptionIdeal for small to medium contractors where mobility
yet high production is required. Blast time of approx. 25-30 minutes.